Lakeland Fly-Tying began trading in January 2000 and since then we have strived to become the modern, efficient online and mail-order business we pride ourselves on being today. Over the years we have developed a reputation amongst our many valued customers for carefully selecting and stocking high quality products and presenting them at the right price. As we have grown, we have invested a great deal in improving our ability to serve our customers better - introducing sophisticated stock management and order processing systems to ensure your experience of shopping with us is both fast and efficient. This allows us to ensure that all orders received before 1.00pm (GMT) will be winging their way to you that very same day.

Success has not been easy. The last 13 years must have been one of the most testing periods in history for a fledgling business. Outbreaks of the foot and mouth disease in 2001 destroyed our second year of business. This was followed by avian flu and then what seemed like years of severe weather throughout the Summer. It destroyed many of the Game Fairs we attended and, to some degree, depended on not just to sell but to say a fond "hello" to our faithful supporters. Just when you think things can't get much worse we enter the worst recession for a generation. Throughout this period Lakeland has developed and adapted to become a much stronger and driven business; one with a clear and strong business plan that is determined to be here for you for many years to come.

Through hard work and a determination, Lakeland have developed incredibly strong relationships with the world's biggest suppliers and with the support of companies like Whiting FarmsRenzettiHMHDyna-King,WapsiPartridge and Veniards we now stock extensive product ranges from your favourite and most trusted brands. As the economy improves, Lakeland will continue to develop the product ranges so you can enjoy the many new items arriving each and every month. Lakeland's aim over the next few years is to increase product availability and offer our customers an even faster and even more efficient purchasing system with a web site that is both a pleasure to use and browse.

… and don't forget, if you need advice on our service, our products or even how to make the best use of the things that you buy, give Lakeland a call. We're here to help.

Tight Lines, Nige

185 Chapel StDalton-in-Furness Cumbria LA15 8SL

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Dr. Slick Spring Creek Clamp

Dr. Slick Spr C Clamp S GL

DNA Holo-Fusion Hand-picked by Nigel at Lakeland Flytying
Dr.Slick 6 inch Dubbing Brush and Comb

Dr.Slick produce great tools at the right price. This is a great tool for dragging those dubbing fibers out.

Dyna-King Limited Edition Kingfisher Vice

Wow what a nice looking vice, the very popular Kingfisher but with all the Brass bits!! Cracking Vices that will last a life time!!

Dyna-King Barracuda Indexer Vice

Take a look at the Barracuda Indexer!! Locks in 8 positions, perfect for applying eyes to your flies!!

Dr. Slick Leader Straightener Hand-picked by Nigel at Lakeland Flytying
Fish-Skull Articulated Fish-Spine Hand-picked by Nigel at Lakeland Flytying
Fish-Skull Mini Sculpin Helmet

Perfect for those smaller Sculpin patterns, perfect searching out those large fish that keep down deep!!! Easy to use with full tying instructions.

Senyos Articulated Shank for Steelhead and Salmon Flies Hand-picked by Nigel at Lakeland Flytying
Senyos Intruder Trailer Hook Wire Hand-picked by Nigel at Lakeland Flytying
Nymph Head Articulated Wiggle Shank for Trout Flies Hand-picked by Nigel at Lakeland Flytying
Fly Box UV Rock Hard Varnish, Brushable UV 4.JPG Hand-picked by Nigel at Lakeland Flytying
Fly Box Rock Hard Brushable Varnish Hand-picked by Nigel at Lakeland Flytying
Fly-Rite Dilly Wax and Holder with Zinger

One of the very best fly floatants availabel and comes with a well designed holder and zinger.

Fish-Skull Sculpin Helmet Hand-picked by Nigel at Lakeland Flytying
Fish-Skull Stainless Steel Articulated Shanks Hand-picked by Nigel at Lakeland Flytying
Dr.Slick Scissor Clamp Gift Sets Hand-picked by Nigel at Lakeland Flytying
Dyna-King Barracuda Deluxe Vice

A truly stunning Vice with all the features of the Standard Barracuda but with the added bling and 90 degree handle!!

Dr.slick Bead Tweezer Hand-picked by Nigel at Lakeland Flytying
The New Dyna-King Barracuda Junior Vice Hand-picked by Nigel at Lakeland Flytying
Danvilles Spider Web 16/0 Tying Thread Danville’s Spider Web 16/0
Dr.Slick Razor Scissors

The Ultimate tying Scissor just got better, now with a serrated blade!! Nige's favorite Slick Scissor!! The 4" is perfect in every way, balance, fine points and can be left on your fingers when tying!!!

Dr.Slick Rotary Whip Finisher finisher.jpg

Dr.Slick Rotary Whip Finisher

Dr.Slick Spring Iris Scissors Dr.Slick SI Scissors S
Dr.Slick 4 inch Tweezers Hand-picked by Nigel at Lakeland Flytying
Dyna-King Adjustable Vice Extension Dyna-King Adj Vice Extension
Dyna-King Barracuda Vice

Dyna-King True rotary Vices are among the best that money can buy!! A True rotary vice designed to last!!

Dyna-King Barracuda Vice Kit

Dyna-King Barracuda Kit C

Dyna-King Basic Fly-Tying Book Dyna-King Basic Fly Tying Book
Dyna-King C-Clamps (Large)

Dyna-King C-Clamps - L

Dyna-King C-Clamps (Small)

Dyna-King C-Clamps - S

Dyna-King Extra Profile Plates Dyna-King Extra P Plates - Gr
Dyna-King Gallows Tool

Dyna-King Gallows Tool S

Dyna-King Hook Dispenser Dyna-King Hook Dispenser
Dyna-King Kingfisher Vice

What a cracking Vice and perfect for those wanting to improve the quality of their Vice,you want get better than a Dyna-King. The bit that does all the work is the jaws and all Dyna-King's have the same quality of jaws!!!

Dyna-King Kingfisher Kit Dyna-King Kingfisher Kit C
Dyna-King L-Shape Vice Extension Dyna-King L-S Vice Extension
Dyna-King Pedestal Bases

Dyna-King Pedestal Bases - S

Dyna-King Professional Vice

The Dyna-King Professional, The Vice used by Nige for the Lakeland Commercial tying in the early days way back in 2000!! Nige believes this is still the fastest vice to tie on!!

Dyna-King Supreme Vice

Dyna-King Supreme Vice just like its twin but with a friction joint to adjust the barrel!! Cracking vices if you tie lots of flies.

Dyna-King Tool Carousel

Dyna-King Tool Carousel

Dyna-King Cement Reservoir Dyna-King Cement Reservoir
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The Lakeland Fly Tying Difference

Lakeland Fly-Tying has the best selection of Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Equipment in the industry. As a preferred dealer for Whiting Farms, Lakeland Fly Tying customers can get the get prices and exclusive products that won't be found elsewhere. We also have Vices/Vises from Renzetti and HMH as well as other Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Equipment - such as Tubes & Shanks, Fly Tying Materials, Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Hooks and Merchandise - from brands such as Partridge, DynaKing, Sybai and Dr Slick.