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The Lakeland Fly-Tying Hackle Club

Lakeland Fly-Tying Hackle Club

Why Should I Join The Lakeland Fly-Tying Hackle Club?

For a while now, fly-tiers around the world have struggled to get the Whiting Farms hackles they need to pursue their passion for tying. We are 100% committed to you, our prized and trusted customers ... our fly-tying friends. In order to make the very best attempts to ensure that you get what you need; when you need it, we have created the Lakeland Fly-tying Hackle Club.

How Do I Join The Lakeland Fly-Tying Hackle Club?

Step 1

Buy something, anything!

Step 2

When your order is processed, we automatically join you to the Lakeland Fly-Tying Hackle Club

Step 3

Your Lakeland Fly-Tying Hackle Club reward points are assigned to your account

Step 4

Next time you bu, you can redeem your points or save more

Joining is really simple ... when you complete a purchase you join automatically. Your purchase today (and every subsequent purchase) will earn Hackle Club Rewards Points which you can use to save money.

How The Lakeland Fly-Tying Hackle Club Works

The Lakeland Fly-tying Hackle Club, works similarly to reward schemes at your local supermarkets. When you shop with us for your fly-tying gear, we reward you with points, which convert to a tangible value that can then been redeemed against future purchases. However, the Lakeland Fly-tying Hackle Club will also :

  • A guarantee of access to Whiting Farms Products (we have been labelled as the preferred retailer in Europe by Tom Whiting himself)
  • Exclusive information on the arrival of new and often hard to come by products, as well as news and offers.

Lakeland Fly-tying Hackle Club : Terms of Membership

All Clubs have rules. The Lakeland Fly-tying Hackle Club is no different. The good thing is, the rules are really straight-forward :

  1. Sales of 1 or more saddles in a single colour (meaning you can still buy several colours at a time) will be subject to delayed dispatch, pending further enquiry from Lakeland Fly-tying.
  2. We cannot process multiple sales of the of the same product colour in a 30 day period to an individual or dispatched to a recognised delivery address. In other words, for example, we will not process an order of 6 x Grizzly Saddles to a single customer or recognised delivery address in a 30 day period.
  3. Once you are a member, failure to comply with the Lakeland Fly-tying Hackle Club Terms of Membership will result in your account being suspended.

If you are unsure about any of the Terms of Membership, please feel free to call on 01229 465 753 and we will happily discuss them with you.